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Future Leaders in Project Management, Inc. was formed to instill confidence into our youth by creating a program to build project management skills starting in the 8th grade and carrying them through their senior year in high school.

Jennifer Romero-Greene, MS, PMP

Jennifer Romero-Greene, MS, PMP

President, Virginia

I am very proud to be able to serve this board. Together through collaborative partnerships, we have the ability to teach new skills which provide better career opportunities to our youth and our community. Equipping people with tools they will use throughout their lives to achieve greater things than I ever imagined.

Cathy Kaledo, CPA, PMP

Cathy Kaledo, CPA, PMP

Director, Colorado

Cathy has been on the board for five years and helps provide guidance for financial information structuring as well as expansion options and daily operations. She uses her PMP and CPA both in the business world and the non-profit world

Michelle Banton, PMP, ITIL

Michelle Banton, PMP, ITIL

Secretary, Virginia

Michelle joined the board in 2015. She has been involved volunteering at the schools and the community outreach. She has been to all Project Extravaganzas and helps secure volunteers.

Robert Kois, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP

Robert Kois, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP

Director, Colorado

Bob is the inspiration for the program. He has been running a similar program in Denver for disadvantaged youths for over ten years. His heart is large and extends himself to help not only in the United States, but also participates in Projects without Boarders with other countries.

Holly Hilts, MBA, PMP, ITIL

Holly Hilts, MBA, PMP, ITIL

Director, New York

Holly is an original board member and has help provide vision and guidance from the start. Her passion and leadership experience are greatly appreciated!


By learning from the latest edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), students learn the globally recognized language for doing projects in over 140 different countries.

Critical Thinking

Student learn to gather information needed for Project Sponsors to make critical decisions regarding how to keep the project on track with the requirements within the given parameters for all projects.

Tools and Techniques

Students will equip their tool kits with tools and techniques that are used in over 100 industries to achieve project objectives.

Communication Skills

Communication is critical in project management. 90% of a project manager’s job is communicating. Students will be able to present current status of a project and forecast the estimate at completion if the project maintains its current course.

Our Story

Upon completing the last Project Management Course in the 12th grade, students who achieve their high school diploma will be eligible to sit for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®’s) Certified Associate’s in Project Management (CAPM®) test, thus preparing the students to turn their passions in over 100 different industries into marketable career options straight out of school.

Students will be mentored by Project Management Professionals (PMP®s) currently in the local workforce and taught from the Virginia Career and Technical Education’s Verso competency codes to fit into Virginia’s public education.

The Need

Businesses need a skilled local workforce. Graduating high school seniors need job opportunities and skills to qualify for those jobs. The United States needs a thriving economy and a lower unemployment rate.

FLiPM®’s curriculum has the potential to meet these needs. Operating as the hub of the collective groups involved, FLiPM® organizes resources and communications to ensure that local high school students are empowered with the ‘soft skills’ they need to succeed in any industry as well as preparing them up to take the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam after graduating. This is truly a ‘win win’ situation for everyone involved.

Why PM?

20% of gross global product ─ $12 trillion per year ─ is spent on fixed capital projects worldwide; trillions more in projects for IT, new product and service development, entertainment – Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). The job market for Project Managers is thriving. Starting salaries for people who are Certified Associate Project Managers are between $40,000-$50,000 a year. Additionally, the soft-skills involved in project management (leadership, time management, risk assessment) are essential life skills that translate into any profession.


Future Leaders in Project Management (FLiPM®) is not an organization of walls, telephone systems, and file structures; it is a collaborative partnership of educators, professionals, business owners, and parents who know that for our children to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace they need hard and soft life skills incorporated into their daily educational experience. These life skills will help our students meet their personal and professional challenges. FLiPM’s job is to bring these like-minded individuals from a diverse background of occupations, educational levels, and social statuses together
for a common goal: Success for our graduating children.

The worldwide leader in Project Management is the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and FLiPM® working with registered education providers will bring internationally accepted Project Management Best Practices to Career and Technical Education courses thus increasing the rigor and relevance to their existing workplace readiness skills. Students graduating from the Senior Capstone course will meet PMI’s eligibility requirements to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), thus opening a career field in hundreds of industries needing project management skill sets.

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